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MTH ADX SMA Cross – profitable system for binary options.

Note: In evaluating the short term, plot1 represents the fast moving average, and plot2 is the slow moving average. For the longer term analysis, plot2 is the fast moving average and plot3 is the slow moving average

To these simple commercial rules Welles Wilder added "a rule of points of extremum". It is used to eliminate false signals and decrease the number of deals. According to the principle of points of extremum, the "point of extremum" is the point when +DI and -DI cross each other. If +DI raises higher than -DI, this point will be the maximum price of the day when they cross. If +DI is lower than -DI, this point will be the minimum price of the day when they cross.

Here is my contribution in finding when a contraction in 3 different ADX's happens. Most times this consilidation times can lead to a larger move or a start of a longer period of movement. I consider it a Pre-Signal or Get Ready signal, not the Signal it self. As usual find out your self if you like it and how to use it. 

Results after the first week looked very promising with success rate of 83 % !!! Unfortunately, on the second week the results have gotten worse, but still the strategy keeps at 80% success rate. Highly recommended!

To determine the points of price reversal Ultimate Trend Signals v uses indicator Non-Repaint ADX Crossing, which displays the signals for buying options in the form of points corresponding color. In addition, the indicator displays on the graph DAILY OPEN line and the level of PIVOT, which are used in the trade as support/resistance levels.

Conventional Interpretation - Short Term: The market is bullish because the fast moving average is above the slow moving average.

MetaTrader4 Indicators: Advanced (default setting), afl_ (default settings), Line tool (default setting)

The development of the bands is directly associated with a famous trader and broker, john Bollinger. The bands have remained a powerful technical trading tool since their establishment in the early periods of 1980s. During that time, observation and trading was too static and hence the need for dynamic volatility in trading and observation.

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This website is mainly about binary options and their strategies, and this article and poll  are about forex – that’s true. Both are two different things, however they follow the same principles.

The charts are neat and tidy and there aren’t any unusual or complicated rules to take in to account when working with the system. Watching toe two colours and noting their cross over points is enough to help you have a profitable strategy.  If you are prepared to put in some effort, this strategy could work for you too. Perhaps do a test run at a higher time frame (perhaps daily to start) until you get used to the system.  Thereafter you could perhaps look at lower time frames such as the M30.

Fx Fisher Indicator  

Confirmation on a chart and other momentum indicators help investors spot trend reversals. But some trends are more potent than others and investors want to better understand the strength of a trend. The ADX identifies a strong positive trend when the ADX is over 25 and a weak trend when the ADX is below 20. Investors can determine directional movement by analyzing the difference between two consecutive low prices and their correlated highs. The movement is +DM when the current high price, less the previous high price, is greater than the previous low price less the current low. The opposite applies in determining the negative or –DI.

Binary ADX system is an price action trend following system on the two ADX arrows indicators. Time Frame 5 min or higher. Markets: Currency pairs, Indicies and Commodities. Expiry time discretionary …

In the video for testing the strategy MTH ADX SMA Cross, was used BO Simulator , you can see it and download here .

Binary Option Trading using the ADX and EMA Cross System

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