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Idaho Division of Building Safety

GBCI has a global strategic partnership with Bureau Veritas to deliver onsite certification and verification as well in country support to project teams. GBCI is known around the globe for its commitment to quality and transparency.

Dow and USGBC collaborate on solutions that contribute to safer, healthier environment, delivering on the commitment to a sustainable, prosperous future Learn More

MEET ROYAL ® BUILDING PRODUCTS. Royal Building Products is a leading manufacturer and distributor of a broad range of state-of-the-art exterior building ...

For more information, visit Local Guides Connect where we'll continue to post updates when new features are launched in Google Maps. 

To help partner countries and regional organisations address these challenges, it is important that the EU can provide them, amongst others, with efficient and comprehensive support so they can build the capacity to take care of their own security and development.

We equip our students to find meaningful and gratifying employment. Our high job placement rate proves that we’re good at what we do.

The Family Building Support Center, LLC provides counseling and psychotherapy for prospective parents including same sex and heterosexual individuals and couples. For those, including birth parents, donors and adoptees seeking information, group or other treatment, referrals are gladly provided.

Increasingly complex production processes and technological leaps consistent with Industry call for new solutions for more efficient panel building. With Klippon® Connect, you successfully master all demands of today and tomorrow: Tailored application products, universal terminal blocks and process-supporting services offer the right solution for every concept.

Super Stud is instrumental in the development of cold formed steel framing systems. We offer a wide variety of standard sections and complementary accessories to satisfy the requirements of any light structural application. Our Product Development Staff subjects each new product to rigorous in-house and field-testing procedures to assure their load carrying capacities and compatibility for intended use.

Our North American Building Science team is part of a larger global network, allowing us to utilize international best practice, innovation and design solutions.  We combine this knowledge with local expertise to offer high-quality tools, training and tailored advisory services relevant to the North American market.

Wall to Wall Solutions
Get help designing high performance interior wall systems that meet the functional needs of every room of the home,

You can use this widget-maker to generate a bit of HTML that can be embedded in your website to easily allow customers to purchase this game on Steam.

The PCCB aims to strengthen the collaboration with a wide range of stakeholders, including academia, civil society, and the private sector, and has initiated this process by conducting a preliminary listing of stakeholders involved in capacity-building activities. This includes also social media tools to allow for the dissemination and access to a wide range of information to support collaboration among stakeholders

Manitoba, Saskachewan, Alberta, and British Columbia - Customer Service:
Toll Free Phone: 800-663-0696
Fax: 800-663-6564 or 604-607-7032

The Program is intended to assist the veteran and defence communities by providing support and resources to ESO practitioners for pensions, advocacy and/or welfare work.

The most common mistake people make when starting a business is trusting their gut too often. Not that instincts aren't important; they're essential. But it's even more important to talk out your ideas, your trouble points and your opportunities with skilled individuals. Often, just the process of explaining a situation to someone else will spark alternatives that can give you a new perspective. Discuss, listen carefully and then go with your gut.

We recognise that our staff are our most important asset and are our first point of contact with our customers. In order to achieve our goals we will need to develop their skills continually by investing in their professional development along with ensuring that we provide them with the best possible working conditions.

From our Creating Change Conference in DC, to Night of 100 Dinners in ., to Winter Party in Miami, we have an event for you!

Isis provides technical advice and capacity building support to governments, as well as humanitarian and development partners in different countries. With her background on urbanism and participatory design and planning, she brings specific expertise to refine profiling processes and tools in  urban displacement contexts  and to enhance the engagement of displacement-affected communities.

Consultation is crucial to the analysis of regulatory proposals. The views of interested parties enhances our understanding...

* Please include a detailed and accurate description of items to be moved. This is to ensure that an appropriate risk assessment can take place and that the job can be planned into the daily work load. - ICC | International Code Council

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