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X-ray binary - Wikipedia

Between 1917 and 1922, it became clear from work by Heber Curtis , Ernst Öpik and others, that some objects (" nebulae ") seen by astronomers were in fact distant galaxies like our own. But when radio astronomy commenced in the 1950s, astronomers detected, among the galaxies, a small number of anomalous objects with properties that defied explanation.

A typical low-mass X-ray binary emits almost all of its radiation in X-rays , and typically less than one percent in visible light, so they are among the brightest objects in the X-ray sky, but relatively faint in visible light. The apparent magnitude is typically around 15 to 20. The brightest part of the system is the accretion disk around the compact object. The orbital periods of LMXBs range from ten minutes to hundreds of days.

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hello, i know many poeple raised this problem, but i cannot make it working. -did a fresh install from GIT directly with the package: . quasar -0 ...

Quasar - Wikipedia

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